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  • Latest Sample Libraries News  ( 8 items )
  • DJ-Tool News  ( 1 items )
    News that announce unique, revolutionary Dj Equipment tools
  • Digital Synthesizer Workstation Reviews  ( 4 items )
    In this Section you can find reviews of Synthesizers that can also Arrange, Sequence/compose/mix/master and play back your music without the need of an external Sequencer (PC or MAC). They are generally All around instruments with very good sample playback sounds, and also in some cases offer even Virtual Analog Emulations via plugin expansion cards. One of the most expensive/Most complete Synths belonging in this Category as of 2007 is KORG OASYS.
  • Latest Hardware Synth News  ( 2 items )
    Latest News from the Hardware Synthesizer World. News Related to every type of Hardware synthesizer including Virtual Analog, Digital Workstation, Vintage Analog can be found in this section.
  • Latest Software Synth News  ( 4 items )
  • Latest Controller News  ( 2 items )
    Latest News from the Controller Surface/Keyboards dimension! News Related to every type of Controller including Keyboards, DAW Surfaces, Wind Controllers, Laser Controllers. This is only a small Sample of what can be explored in this section.
  • Virtual Analog Synthesizer Reviews  ( 3 items )
    Thorough Reviews of Modern Synths that emulate the sound of older analog synths or create new sounds never heard before.
  • Latest Website Announcements  ( 2 items )
    The latest Website Announcements, Important Instructions, Information will be posted in this part of the Website.

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